Honoring Our Fallen, Supporting Their Survivors

End of Watch

ID Picture End of Watch Officer Agency
1 Cordes-150x150.jpg 12/31/1932 Officer Ellsworth Cordes Seattle Police Department
2 Whittenberg-Wesley.jpg 12/29/1960 Trooper Wesley Whittenberg WA State Patrol (Marysville)
3 Jefferson-County.jpg 12/29/1864 Sheriff William Armstrong Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
4 12-29-2009_Mundell-150x150.jpg 12/28/2009 Deputy Kent Mundell Pierce County Sheriff's Office
5 Clancy-Jr.-John-T-Seattle-P.D-110x150.jpg 12/28/1949 Officer John Clancy Jr. Seattle Police Department
6 Porter-Roy-M-377x500-150x150.jpg 12/28/1939 Inspector Roy Porter Immigrations and Naturalization Service (Everett)
7 12-27_Ruckart.jpg 12/27/1914 Officer Arthur Ruckart Seattle Police Department
8 Gulden-135x150.jpg 12/23/1942 Trooper John Gulden WA State Patrol (Goldendale)
9 Smith.jpg 12/23/1910 Officer William Smith Centralia Police Department
10 12-22_Rolcik.jpg 12/22/1982 Patrolman John Rolcik Cle Elum Police Department
11 Campbell-147x150.png 12/21/1951 Trooper Donald Campbell WA State Patrol (near Vancouver)
12 Blankenship.Paul_.jpg 12/21/1940 Sheriff Paul Blankenship Kitsap County Sheriff's Office (near Gig Harbor)
13 Applestiel.jpg 12/19/1917 Railroad Policeman William Applestiel No. Pacific Railway Police Department (Auburn)
14 12-18_Davis.jpg 12/18/1984 Officer Nick Davis Seattle Police Department
15 Ray.jpg 12/16/1934 Captain Loren Ray WA State Patrol (Seattle)
16 Goodell.jpg 12/16/1863 Inspector William Goodell U.S. Customs Service (Port Angeles)
17 customs.png 12/16/1863 Deputy Collector James Anderson U.S. Customs Service (Port Angeles)
18 12-15_Luton.jpg 12/15/1929 Marshal Edward Luton Hamilton Marshal's Office
19 Johnson.jpg 12/12/1949 Trooper Paul Johnson WA State Patrol (Snoqualmie)
20 Kost.jpg 12/12/1915 Officer Lawrence Kost Seattle Police Department
21 12-02_Cox.jpg 12/02/2006 Deputy Steven Cox King County Sheriff's Office
22 Jake-150x150.jpg 11/30/2016 Officer R. Jake Gutierrez Tacoma Police Department
23 Renninger.png 11/29/2009 Sgt. Mark Renninger Lakewood Police Department
24 Richards.jpg 11/29/2009 Officer Greg Richards Lakewood Police Department
25 Owens.jpg 11/29/2009 Officer Ronald Owens Lakewood Police Department