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C.O.P.S. Young Adults Camp is planned for surviving children and siblings (15-20 years of age) of law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty, as determined by C.O.P.S. criteria. Other relatives and friends are not eligible to attend.

Growing up without a parent or older sibling role model can be challenging for young teenagers and adults. Young Adults Camp encourages independence, as it is the first step for surviving minor-aged children to attend a program without the presence of their parent/guardian. Young Adults Camp also allows a first look into C.O.P.S. Hands-On Programs for minor-aged siblings.

C.O.P.S. Young Adults Camp will give surviving children and siblings the opportunity to be surrounded by peers who understand, attend grief seminar sessions specifically designed for their needs, and participate in fun and challenging outdoor activities.  This camp will be a mixture of enjoyable camp-like activities and a structured adult program, allowing surviving children and siblings to grow into young adults.

This camp is planned as an alternative program option to surviving minor-aged children and a new program option for surviving minor-aged siblings.

For more information and to register, visit Young Adults

The registration deadline is June 29, 2024.

WAStateC.O.P.S. offers financial assistance for survivors to attend their retreats.

Visit our Resources page to download the Retreat Eligibility form

Or contact us at Info@WashingtonStateCops.Org and we’ll email the form to you.

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