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We are excited to announce that 2020 is the FIRST year for this new retreat!

C.O.P.S. Spouses for Couples Retreat is planned for surviving spouses and their new spouse/domestic partner* (21 years or older) of law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty, as determined by C.O.P.S. criteria. Other relatives and friends are not eligible to attend.

For a surviving spouse, beginning a new relationship and allowing yourself to love again can be difficult. When you do find love again, that person can potentially struggle with supporting you in your grief while living in what may feel like the shadow of a hero. This retreat allows couples a place to recognize the struggles of one another while building a stronger, more understanding relationship.

Couples will have the opportunity to attend sessions with licensed mental health professionals. Potential session topics could include: Blended Families, Resolving Conflict and Difficult Conversations, Honoring the Past Without Overshadowing the Future, Building Trust, Developmental Grief in Children and Teens, etc.

Couples will also participate in fun and challenging activities and receive support from other who understand. It is our goal for couples to leave the retreat with an enhanced perspective and connection in their relationship for the future.

*Domestic partner is defined as a long-term committed legal or interpersonal relationship between two individuals who live together and share a common domestic life (i.e. not just a boyfriend/girlfriend).

For more information and to register, visit https://www.concernsofpolicesurvivors.org/spousesforcouplesretreat

The registration deadline has not yet been posted.

WAStateC.O.P.S. offers financial assistance for survivors to attend their retreats.

Visit our Resources page to download the Retreat Eligibility form.

Or contact us at Info@WashingtonStateCops.Org and we’ll email the form to you.