November 1 – 30!

Join Kent Police Department’s ‘Mo-vember’ fundraiser and grow a beard to honor Officer Diego Moreno!

During the month of November, Chief Padilla has authorized our police officers, who donate to Washington State Concerns of Police Survivors (WAStateC.O.P.S.), to grow beards in honor of fallen Officer Diego Moreno.

C.O.P.S. provides resources to help the families and co-workers who are dealing with the tragic loss of a fallen officer, by providing resources to help them rebuild their shattered lives.  Locally, this includes helping survivors attend retreats offered by National C.O.P.S., the Survivors’ conference during National Police Week, and local support.

Whether you can grow a beard or not, please join us in the month of ‘Mo-vember’ by donating to WAStateC.O.P.S.

“Grow it like Diego couldn’t.” –Shelly Moreno


We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, advocacy, and peer support for surviving families, co-workers, and the law enforcement community for as long as they need us. Click the link below for our Washington State honored heroes.



C.O.P.S. has become a “lifeline” to law enforcement survivors. C.O.P.S. contributes to the emotional and psychological well-being of LODD survivors. Chapters financially assist survivors to attend support programs offered by National C.O.P.S. For more on C.O.P.S. programs, click on the link below.



Your support of our events is crucial. Funding from outside sources enables WAStateC.O.P.S. to offer survivors professional help through events such as the Survivors conference at National Police Week, retreats, peer support and training. Visit the link below to see upcoming events locally or offered by National C.O.P.S.


WAStateC.O.P.S. Mission:

Rebuilding shattered lives of survivors and co-workers affected by line of duty deaths, through partnerships with law enforcement and the community.